November 22, 2015

NO CHRISTMAS CARDS from Good Hair cards this year.

I've been so busy drawing, producing, and selling my 2016 calendar that I didn't have time to create a Christmas card for this year. However, I have 25 new cards and products ready for 2016 including Mother's Day and Christmas cards. 

Folks don't realize that creating new products ain't easy. I do a lot of research before putting a new card or illustration on the market. Drawing is the easy part. Marketing and selling, however, is the hard part. There is no short-cut like a Facebook ad that will instantly produce sales. Women may love my cards, but marketing them is still a challenge, and I'm not quite ready for them to go into stores yet. 

I plan to upgrade the card paper and introduce colored envelopes. I'm also taking fashion illustration classes because I want to update the look on my older cards which are almost sold out. Stay tune. I plan to post the updates of my older cards soon. All the best. Cheers.