July 5, 2015

At Last: The Good Hair Cards' 2016 Calendar has finally been printed.

My promoter, Ron Jeffers holding my newly printed calendar.

Got the calendars on Friday. I can't tell you how happy I am the calendars have finally been printed. As a perfectionist, I had a hard time ending this art project. There was always something to correct or something to add/subtract. I had to force myself to let this calendar go. When the calendars finally arrived, I was even afraid to open the boxes and look at them.

Of course, nothing is perfect and while there are three minor issues (no one will notice but me) the calendars look great. The printer did a great job although the shrink wrap was less than professional. I will discuss that with the printer on Monday.

I will have no problem selling these calendars in New York. Almost everyone who sees the calendar wants one. I'm especially pleased 20 somethings love the calendar and the first person to buy one was 22.