February 2, 2015

Introducing Good Hair Tote Bags

I had thought about designing a tee-shirt line, but tee-shirts can be difficult to produce and market and one has to worry about ordering various sizes and storage.

Printing on demand (POD) was an option, but it's relatively expensive per unit (as much $30 a shirt for retail). And most POD printers needs at least 5 days before orders can be printed and shipped to customers. That is five days too long in the retail world. I've worked as a sales associate at a large department store, and often customers were not willing to buy a garment unless it could be shipped right away.

Also, my experiences with POD printers were uneven. The more expensive ones ($21 a tee-shirt before you add on your margin) were great, while the least expensive ones were awful. I just couldn't take the risk of having a printer mail a client a tee-shirt that was off color or smelled heavily of chemicals like the shirts I received from Your Digital Creator.net which specializes in cost low DTG printing. The shirts printed by this company were inexpensive, but they were not retail quality.

So for now, I've abandoned the idea of doing tee-shirts until I can do some more research and development on the idea. Tote bags seem like a better idea since more women will use a tote bag than wear a tee-shirt. I currently have three more tote bags planned for the spring depending on how well the Keep Calm and Stay Natural bag does. Cheers.