February 10, 2015

Good Hair Cards: Running a business, not a charity Part II

"But all I have is $200 for my logo." 

At least once a week, I hear this. Someone wants a good hair cards illustration as a logo and they expect me to spend 10-40 hour creating something unique just for them for $100.00. But this person's attitude reveals they neither value my time or my skills. Time is money, and I can't waste my time working for less than the minimum wage. So I no longer do custom work because it doesn't pay in this new global economy where many want logos for $20 and many more who will do it for $20 (nothing original of course, but that's another story). Yet any business person that expects to get a logo for such a cheap price is someone who won't be in business for long and he/she is definitely not a client I want. Cheers.