July 9, 2014

I would like to thank those who contribute to my Get Good Hair Cards into the Store campaign. The campaign ended on Sunday at $1,400. While I didn't meet my $5,000 goal, I was not too disappointed. I knew going into my campaign it was going to be a hard sell especially on-line. I had sold thousands of cards off-line, but only a dozen on-line.

So after two weeks of doing everything I could on-line to get support and raising only $300, I took my campaign to the sidewalks of Harlem in New York City where I raised $1,800 by selling my greeting cards. I might have raised more but it rained a lot, and I have a 9-5 job. 

Fans posing with my crowd funding sign.
Yet I had a wonderful time talking with people about Good Hair Cards. I met people from all walks of life. A lawyer offered me the $5,000 I needed as an investor. I declined this generous offer because I'm not looking for investor at this time. Another person offered me $3,500 but of course at the last minute things fall through. Doesn't that always happen. LOL! 

The church folk at Abyssinian Baptist church bought $200 worth of cards and magnets after a Sunday service. A family of four prayed for my success. Others simply gave me a $1 donation, and others bought me lunch, dinner and water because they were concerned I had been standing in the sun for hours. 

And while many promised support, life happens and they probably forgot. I had several relatives give me checks 3 months after I had asked them to contribute to my campaign! LOL! Still all these experiences have convinced me Good Hair Cards will be a great retail success one day. I will continue my crowd funding until the end of the year. Cheers.

Campaign link on Indiegogo