June 2, 2014

Why I won't miss Facebook...

Woo Hoo! I finally did it.

I finally deleted my Facebook fan page. I had been thinking about deleting my fan page for some time. When Facebook first came out, I wasn't interested in joining. But social media experts claimed a presence on Facebook was essential for marketing a business so I got a fan page. And I did everything Social Media experts told me to do. "Be social, act friendly, publish good content, yada, yada, yada."

Yet after two years of building a 4.6k fan base, I saw little return on my investment. Still, the gurus encouraged me to keep the faith. I bought more ads, was more social and added more content. Gradually, however, social media experts began to sound a lot like faith healers. "Oh, it's not working? Well, you must be doing something wrong."

It wasn't until I added up the numbers that I saw how much time and money I was wasting on certain social media platforms. While I had sold thousands of greeting cards offline, I sold only a handful online. Meanwhile, hundreds of my so-called fans were using my images (without permission) to promote their online services. I also disliked Facebook's privacy rules and their policy of offering my posted images to advertisers to use in their promoted posts.

Eventually, I realized I had been sucked into the social media black hole. I didn't need Facebook to market my business, and I felt relieved because I was tired of the endless need to post on Facebook, Google Plus, Tumblr, and Twitter. 

Free at last. Kicking social media experts to the curb…

I have deleted most of my social media accounts without a second thought. I've gone back to old-school business practices for building my business because they work. I love connecting with people face to face. All I need online is my website and blog. For me, social media in many of its forms has turned out not to be so social or effective after all. Cheers.